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Paul Brown has been in the building industry for over 40 years and is a fully licensed builder.

Paul Brown

          Paul Brown – BPI Toowoomba

As the director and owner of BPI Toowoomba, Paul is a fully licensed Builder, Pest Technician, Building & Pool Inspector along with being qualified to complete methamphetamine testing.

Paul has a wide range of experience in the building industry including residential and transportable homes, renovations and extensions to existing dwellings.

Throughout his 40 years experience, Paul has worked with single and multiple level brick and timber structures. He also has extensive experience working with asbestos.

BPI Toowoomba Building and Pest Inspections provides reports for property buyers and sellers who are looking for accurate and detailed information on the condition of one of life’s biggest assets, their home.

BPI Toowoomba is a proud local business backed by BPI Australia which has become the fastest growing Building & Pest Inspection company in Australia.

At BPI Toowoomba, we are fully licensed, insured and pride ourselves on:

  1. High Quality Service.
  2. Thorough Inspections and detailed reports.
  3. Easy to read reports within 24 hrs.
  4. Using the latest up to date equipment, including infrared cameras and technology.
  5. Professional advice and customer service.

We are also fully licensed and insured.

Why Choose BPI Toowoomba?

  1. BPI Toowoomba specialise in Combined Pre Purchase and Pre Sale Building and Timber Pest Inspections and Pool Safety Inspections. You will get one inspector – Paul Brown – to complete all inspections.thermal
  2. We use the latest Thermal Image Technology with every inspection to ensure that your property is inspected thoroughly.
  3. We inspect areas of homes not normally looked at by our competitors such as roof voids, roof exterior and the sub floor areas (if it is safe to do so and access panels are provided).
  4. You will receive your thorough, easy to read report within 24 hours of the inspection.
  5. Reports include colour photographs and recommendations on issues found at the property.
  6. We are fully licensed and insured.
  7. We offer  a quality assurance that includes outstanding service; thorough inspections and professional ongoing advice.

Benefits of 1 Inspector Conducting the Building and Pest Inspection

  • Consistent reports with recommendations which help solve difficult building defects or maintenance problems.
  • No confusion when trying to understand building and pest related issues, for example structural damage caused by termites is clearly referenced between the 2 reports.
  • 1 inspector + 1 visit = 1 competitive price