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We are a fully licensed and insured building inspection company that gives you, the buyer, confidence in your purchasing decision.

Focusing on a home’s interior and features can sometimes obscure buyers from noticing factors than may influence a purchasing decision.

Only seeing the interior walls allows a limited view of a home that on the outside looks great, but on the inside may conceal issues where costly problems can exist. A building and pest inspection by a qualified professional like BPI Toowoomba will reveal these hidden elements.

We provide an unbiased report that describes a property and the construction materials used. Revealing the existence of structural damage as well as conditions that may lead to this, the report contains easy to read details as well as photos of the inspection.

Understanding the Components of an Inspection

BPI Toowoomba provides knowledgeable advice about any existing defects of a structure, based on a thorough examination of all accessible areas, including these:

  • Interior and exterior.building inspections
  • Space under floors.
  • Roof void.
  • Exterior of roof in accordance with safety and health regulations.
  • Landscaping features such as retaining walls, fencing, steps, driveways and paths.
  • Separate toilet and/or laundry.
  • Garages, carport and garden sheds.

While a Building Inspection report cannot encompass every aspect of a building, it can give prospective home owners an independent opinion and a good idea of the quality of the house.

Relying on Professional Knowledge

A licensed building inspector such as Paul Brown has extensive knowledge of the building industry that is invaluable to potential home owners.

Knowledge about the existence of structural damage provides a basis for making informed decisions about the purchase of a home. Advice about the significance of defects allows home owners the option of going forward with a purchase, declining or requesting an adjustment in price or in the terms of the contract.

With the insights provided, buyers can avoid the expense of unanticipated repairs and also gain peace of mind with an added termite and pest inspection.

With our professional advice  and detailed knowledge of the building structure,  a BPI Toowoomba Building and Inspection report will give you the confidence you need to make an informed purchasing decision. 

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